Céline J. Dallaire

Céline J. Dallaire is a Canadian visual artist inspired by both traditional and innovative techniques. She studied fine arts in the United States and is a graduate of North Iowa Area Community College, the University Savannnah College of Art and Design as well as the Georgia Southern University where she completed her certification in art education.

She has, throughout her career, had the opportunity to act as co-commissioner, was a recipient of scholarships and awards, has continuously followed complementary training to maintain and perfect her artistic background and is always active in associations working in the field of art.

Digital technology is an inherent part of Céline J’s artistic exploration. Through various disciplines such as painting, printmaking, numeric, textile, sculpture and installation, the artist investigates and questions the coexistence of the traditional and the innovative in contemporary art.

A more active production encourages the artist to open her own Gallery in her hometown of Rouyn-Noranda in 2015. The Céline J. Dallaire Gallery, located in the Old Noranda, allows her to further promote her work as an artist and procure a constant location for art lovers and collectors to come and see her most recent works amongst others . Founder of the Académie des Arts Céline J. Dallaire in 2000, the artist offers a variety of art classes and workshops adapted to her clientele.

Her production is presented at selective solo and group exhibitions as well as on a regular basis at his Gallery. His works are found in public, corporate and private collections.

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