YO # 1

 My "YO's"

With the global outbreak of COVID-19 and the containment situation we are experiencing, I wanted to assuage people's concern by launching a greeting symbol into the virtual world of the Web, a kind of "little wink" to animate people's day.

I am currently in my studio creating my SERIES on WILDLIFE and simply, by painting on April 19, 2020, an idea of SALUTING the whole world has arisen: my YO creations were born!

Yo means "HELLO", "Hi" and it is a universal language. Well, maybe not in all languages, but I'd be curious to know how many countries know its meaning.

I create two to three YO's a week to ENCOURAGE and SALUTE as many people as possible. I transformed the animals of my wildlife creations to develop my YO project with the aim of giving them a unique identity. My animals also represent the human race, while the concept of the diptych represents the barrier of isolation and symbolizes contrasts, diversity between peoples, worries and hope.

I invite you to share my YO's. Let's touch one more person together every time we share.

YO # 2

YO # 3

YO # 4

YO # 5

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YO # 8

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